Miriam Cunha has been awakened to the esoteric and occult since she was a child and dedicated all her life to the study and practice of different philosophical, theological, esoteric and spiritual arts. She uses her psychic abilities to channel information that her guides find relevant to the spiritual development of humankind. Her journey has awakened her inner shaman, which led her to become a facilitator of different healing arts and trans-formative experiences. She is a Reiki Master, a Laughter Yoga facilitator, Tarot and Mayan Oracle reader and researcher, a Metaphysics and Sacred Geometry expert, Energy-Sound-Colour therapist, Graphic Artist, Crafter, Musician, and Arts performer.

Miriam hosts a weekly show at her YouTube channel (Miriam Cunha), where she interviews different holistic practitioners, psychics, and awakened people, and shares information about the different paths of human physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution.