About Miriam


Miriam Cunha is a facilitator of different healing arts and the creator of TransVibrating™ (spiritual healing journey to Transmute, Transform, and Transcend to higher frequencies). She is a Psychic & Shaman, Author, Programmer, Musician and Artist. Her knowledge and skills include Sacred Geometry and Symbolism, Metaphysics and Occultism, Divination tools and Mediumship, Quantum Physics, Shamanism, Meditation Technics, Power of Colours and Sounds, Alchemy of Dance, Reiki Mastering, and the Mayan Tzolkin Sacred Calendar.

She has been awakened to the esoteric and occult since she was a child and dedicated all her life to the study and practice of different philosophical, theological, esoteric and spiritual arts. She uses her psychic abilities to channel information that her guides find relevant to the spiritual development of humankind. 

Miriam hosts a regular show at her YouTube channel (Miriam Cunha), where she interviews different holistic practitioners, psychics, and awakened people, and shares information about the different paths of human physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution.

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